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Running on the stock UI for a long time really gets boring and can feel very restrictive in terms of customization of your device. But don’t worry cause Customs Roms are here and thank god that they are! Custom Roms not only permits for every possible customization, but it also takes a step further and provides additional features which are worth getting really excited about.

Be it bloatware, adware or even stock restriction. With Custom Roms you can throw them right out the window. So check out our list of 5 best Customs Roms and decide for yourself which is better.

(Note: This review is based on my own experience with Redmi Note 4 and the same may not be applicable in your case)

1. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience
Pixel Experience

Man oh man can I brag about this rom for hours and hours. From the performance boost to camera overhaul. There is not a single thing worth hating about this rom. It really is my own daily driver and I really do love it a lot. But let’s not bring personal bias into the list and move forth with the key features.

Key Features

  • Great Performance
  • Total Camera Overhaul (With Pixel Camera)
  • Multitasking is really a thing to behold
  • Battery Lasts for days
  • Updates Every Week
  • Stock Android Experience

Download From Here

2. Lineage OS

Lineage OS logo
Lineage OS

Lineage OS comes from the lineage of Cyanogen Mod. Being the successor it also provides notable performance boost and stability compared to other roms. The customization is too good, UI being is clean and really friendly to the user.

Key Features

  • Good Performance
  • Notable Stability
  • Clean Stock UI
  • Nice Battery Backup
  • Heavily Customizable

Download From Here

3. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix

This rom is another of my favorites. The performance boost and customization are what I absolutely love about this rom. The boot animation really just makes you wonder what exactly is the phone that you bought. It changes everything that you knew of your old hag of a phone.

Key Features

  • Full UI overhaul
  • Custom Everything
  • Great Stability
  • Better Performance
  • Impressive Support
  • Worth Every Bootloop (if any)

Download From Here

4. AOSP Extended

AOSP Entended ROM
AOSP Extended Rom

This rom is all about the bare stock experience and cleanliness. Looks absolutely great with every phone. Detailed theme customization options. Awesome stability. Great Battery.

Key Features

  • Clean to the core
  • Pure stock experience
  • Awesome performance
  • Greatly customizable
  • Decent Camera
  • Impressive Stability

Download From Here



Yeah MIUI is also available as a Custom Rom and it performs just as you’d expect. With stunning performance, stability and camera. It really does have a lot to offer in terms of an Custom Rom. It’s just not stock and only limited customization is possible.

Key Features

  • Great Performance
  • Great Stability
  • Superb Camera
  • Impressive Battery
  • Feels limited on customization options

Download From Here

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