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The Chinese tech giant Huawei has been banned from doing any business with any company from the USA. The business ban was a result of escalation of conflicts between both the parties regarding security issues.

The Issue

The main issue was with the concern that the Chinese tech giant is related with the Chinese Government and the fears hence remains that they might use their hardware to spy on other countries and companies. The US government hence banned the companies from using networking hardware from Huawei in 2012 and the company was listed on US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List on May 15. Followed by President Donald Trump’s executive order banning Huawei from US communications network.

How does it impact us

Huawei has been producing smartphones very capable of competing with the market’s flagships and thus it also made a huge reputation doing so worldwide. The ban has resulted in Google cutting all ties with Huawei. Thus the tech giant has no option to use Android as the Operating System for its smartphones. Although Android is an open source project, it has been made clear that Google will not provide the services that are included in today’s smartphones like Gmail, Play Store. Play services to name a few.

The exclusion of Google’s services from the Android platform is sure to result in disappointment among Android users as they use Google Services on a daily basis.


Google, however, has given an incentive period of 90 days. Google will continue to support Huawei for these 90 days making it possible for Huawei to push updates to their smartphones.

Huawei also claims to have hardware stocks for their smartphones to support the users for 3 months.

Options for Huawei

Huawei can in theory work on an Operating System on their own which supports compatibility for Android apps. Which, however, may not be sufficient to satisfy the users who are used to the real thing rather than some knock-off. We have already seen with the case of blackberry trying to mitigate with their own OS.

Creating their OS also means that they will also have to make their own app store with viable apps for the users to use that may provide as a replacement for Google’s renowned services that everyone is used to.

For such a massive company as Huawei is, things may be resolved on the legal end with the US government and everything might go back to the way that it was. However, only time will tell how things unfold in the future.

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    1. Thanks for the support man. Let’s hope for the best for Huawei as a successful smartphone manufacturer.

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