Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram suffered massive outages today. Users are reporting of error in loading images and multimedia of any sort. Facebook owning all the platform are reportedly aware of the situation and are working to solve the same as soon as possible.

As a result of these outages, people are expressing their anger and frustration on Twitter. Calling out the platforms as glitchy.

Instagram has been almost unusable as the main medium is heavily depended on images and media. Users complain that certain posts are not visible and Instagram stories are also unable to download. Trouble uploading pictures and video has become a common theme.

Same is the case with WhatsApp and Messenger. No media is being uploaded or downloaded during this outage. Statuses and stories are not visible at all.

US east coast and Europe are the hotspots for such outages right now. The companies have not yet officially commented on the reason for the problem as of yet.

Being social network companies, issues like this are very less likely to stay up for longer. Normal services are assumed to return very soon as the companies are working on the problems.

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