Hide Any Image Behind Any File


1) Files that will be hidden.
2) The file behind which the previous files will be hidden (It can be any image, video or any other document).
3) Winrar (It doesn’t work with 7zip).

Difficulty: Novice

Here’s How

First of all, we need to add all the secret files to a rar archive. For that we can simply select the files and right click and select the option ‘add to archive’. Here I have named the rar archive ‘hiddenfiles.rar’.

Next we have to keep the archive and the target file(image, video etc.) in the same directory. Here I have kept the files in the Desktop. I am using an image named ’emptycup.jpg’ as the target file in this case.

Next, we need to open cmd. To open cmd, just press ‘Win key’ + ‘R’ and write cmd and press enter.

Then type ‘cd Desktop'(in my case, it is Desktop. If you have kept the files in some other directory write its path) to change the directory to the specified location(here, Desktop). Then type the command ‘Copy /b targetimagename.jpg+archieve.rar newfile.jpg’ and press ‘Enter’. For my case the command would look like ‘Copy /b emptycup.jpg+hiddenfiles.rar newfile.jpg’. If its successful, it will show as follows.

NOTE: I am using the .jpg extension in the command as I’m using an image in this case. If you are using a different file like a video, music, etc, use that respective extension both at the target and the new file.

Now we can rename the new file and edit the photo as well with no harm.
When you open the file, you will see the image and not the hidden files.

Then how to get access to the hidden files?

For that, right click on the newfile and open with ‘Winrar Archiver’. It will open a Winrar window where you can find your hidden files. You can extract it as usual and directly access it from there!

There you go with your new way to hide files from your friends, relatives, colleages, etc.

NOTE: If you hide big files behind images, the final image will show its size as the total size of the image + hidden files. Like hiding a 1gb movie behind a 500kb image will make the final image’s size 1gb+500kb which will definitely get people suspicious!

Happy Hiding “)

PS – This tutorial is purely intended for educational purposes.

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