What is user input?

The input of data that is given by the user during the run time of the program can be regarded as user input. This is easily one of the most important necessities for a developer. Usually, nowadays input is taken with the help of a dialog box.

Basically, any input that is not predefined can be considered to be user input other than reading from files.

How to get user input?

User input can be accepted very easily by just using the input() function when assigning the value of a variable. Arguments can also be passed through the function to show a message.

Here’s an example:

name = input("Enter Your Name: ")
surname = input("Enter Your Surname: ")

print(name + ' ' + surname)



Key Points:-

  • The function input() reads input from users and returns a string unless mentioned otherwise by typecasting.
  • The argument passed through the input function acts as a prompt for the user to get input.
  • The original function raw_input() was changed with input() in Python 3. Both have the exact same functionality.
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